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A hub for executing SharePoint 2010 Powershell commands. Let the WPF MVVM application remember previous commands, and auto-populate new command arguments.


The first purpose of this application was to record the commands used to install/deploy/retract/uninstall wsp solutions via Add-SPSolution/Install-SPSolution/Uninstall-SPSolution/Remove-SPSolution. It was annoying opening the SharePoint Powershell command window and copy/pasting the same commands every second day. This application records commands in a history, so with a simple click, you can re-run previous commands with the same or altered arguements. The length of the history is up to the user, trimmed via the delete functionality.


Download release
Unzip on SharePoint 2010 server


Edit Com.CodePlex.SPPower.exe.config to change:
  • the history file location
  • the category file location


Run Com.CodePlex.SPPower.exe
  • expand the tree on the left to choose a category (based on MSDN SharePoint 2010 PowerShell reference)
  • choose a PowerShell command
  • the parameters panel is populated from command metadata
  • input non-null parameters
  • click Execute
  • command output displayed in history panel



  • make delete from history work
  • handle more parameter types (switches, actions, credentials, arrays)
  • securely store parameters in history file
  • better PowerShell host for more responsive application when running commands
  • allow running of multiple commands
  • allow storing of variables between commands
  • allow piping
  • better colours and layout

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